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Do you know your heavenly Father has lavished upon you all you need to become a successful and mature Christian. Through our union with Christ His provision is available for the realization of our dreams and promises. It could be the birth of a ministry or a long desired relationship. The Father longs to bring us into the fulness of our identity and destiny. When it doesn’t happen according to our schedule, we can fall into confusion and disappointment. That can be avoided if we understand His ways. (Psalm 25:4)

This verse from The Passion Translation helps explain why some of the hopes and dreams we’ve contended for are not yet realized. “If an inheritance is gained too early in life, it will not be blessed in the end.” Proverbs 20:21

Premature blessing can lead to failure and heartache. The prodigal son found this out as his unbridled ambition and disregard for his Father cost him dearly. Thankfully, despite ourselves, the Father is waiting for us with open arms. 

As a father, it was my joy to provide whatever I could to bless my children and prepare them for success. For example, each of them were eager to learn to drive. And I was more than willing to accommodate them because it meant I wouldn’t have to be their personal chauffeur anymore! Anyway, when the initial training was complete, I gladly handed them the keys, along with a breakdown of their share of the increase in insurance cost, guidelines and restrictions on access to my car and a game plan on how to go about getting their own vehicle. 

Privileges and opportunities need maturity and self control to be properly stewarded. Our heavenly Father passionately and wisely desires to bring us into our full inheritance so we can be successful and fruitful. Be patient, learn His ways and success will come in due time. 

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