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Hebrews 11 refers to those heroes of the old testament who accomplished great things while enduring hardships in the process. It was their faith in God that sustained them and led to their destiny. Even while under the old covenant they’d pull on the future promises of the new and see results.

Faith, also known as assurance, belief, persuasion, confidence, conviction, expectation and trust, is a tangible yet invisible substance. One friend called it a “Knowing in your Knower!” There are many times I know what God wants to do right before I minister as I’ve “seen in my minds eye” a whole service laid out from beginning to end. Not in detail but in a general sense. Other times He just gives me a hint or a nudge and as I take the first step it becomes clear what to do. It’s never boring that’s for sure.

Faith is simple. Imagine a young child holding their parent's hand as they walk across a busy intersection. Oblivious to the dangers involved they simply trust their parent. This is why Jesus tells us to be like Children in our approach to the kingdom.

Here are a few ideas on how to stretch our faith and deepen our trust in God:

  1. The current Covid situation means that we have to trust Father in new ways to take care of our needs.

  2. There is the dynamic, miraculous faith which is fun and exciting. There’s also the faithful, day to day trust that’s grown by patience and obedience.

  3. Take more risks. God loves it when we attempt the impossible. It gives Him the opportunity to teach us many things and show Himself faithful. Nothing ventured nothing gained. And you don’t lose points with God if it doesn’t work. Failing and falling are great teachers. Be a good learner!

  4. Steps of faith often brings fear to the surface. It also provides God the opportunity to cast those fears away with His love, 1 John 4:18.

  5. Graham Cooke makes a great point saying, “Before you engage your circumstances you need to engage the majesty of God and who you are in Him!” So good! David the shepherd boy was immersed in God when he confronted Goliath. The giant didn’t stand a chance.

  6. Live in a state of expectation. I go to the mailbox expecting to find checks in the mail. I’ve had this happen many times, along with receiving jobs, cars and even a house! Some might say I’m unrealistic or even delusional. I’ll gladly bear that stigma for the privilege of living in expectancy! This doesn’t nullify hard work, wisdom and discernment as a mature walk requires all these qualities.

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