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Fulfilling Your Prophetic Words

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

While most charismatic believers have received an abundance of prophetic words many would probably admit they haven’t seen much headway nor fulfillment. This can be very disheartening and can make the heart sick, Proverbs 13:12. But don’t let discouragement tempt you to treat your prophetic words like neglected Christmas gift that are received with wild excitement only to be put back under the tree without even being opened. No! It must be opened, explored, developed and tenaciously pursued until it’s brought to fullness. Along with this I believe you can accelerate your progress and close the gap between receiving the word and walking out its reality.

First, prophetic words are an opportunity, an open door, to a new adventure of revelation, wisdom and transformation. They point the way and, like clues on a treasure map, they are the X that marks the spot to start digging! I experienced my greatest growth and increase of faith when I read scriptures that correlated with the prophetic word I’d been given. Read it! Pray it! Declare it! Be like Timothy who was told to wage a good warfare according to his prophetic words, 1 Timothy 1:18.

Second, understand what God’s after! I believe God’s all about developing our identity and destiny, Romans 8:29, and prophetic words are a key element towards their realization. Identity is about being made into the image of God. It’s about who you are in Him, your character and sonship. I define Destiny as being about what you are called to do, your gift development and assignment in the kingdom. They go hand and hand and when a believer matures in both areas a synergy takes place accelerating the growth process towards maturity with a long lasting fruitfulness for the kingdom.

Third, know that there is a building nature to prophecy. Frankly, I’m grateful God didn’t immediately fulfill my prophetic words as I wasn’t spiritually mature enough for what had been prophesied over me. I had to grow and develop characteristics like humility, wisdom and endurance to successfully carry the weight of glory and responsibility he wanted to give me. This quote from my friend Jamie Weston sums it up nicely.

“Prophetic words often speak to possibilities, not to inevitabilities. They are given by God to provide the hope that is required to fuel the motivation needed to embrace and endure character forming processes. There's no gift of Christlike character, it is the fruit of endurance and growth.”

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