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What is Your Purpose?

Why are you here?

What is your passion?

Where are you going?

Get answers to this and more through a series of short teachings designed to help you find your purpose, discover your passion and reveal your destiny!

What is God like and how does His nature affect who you are and your purpose? In this series we will explore who God is and lay the foundation for understanding your own identity, purpose and passion.


The Nature of God



Tired of feeling directionless and unfulfilled? 

This video series will bring you clarity and focus so that you can take steps of action towards a productive and fulfilled life.


Living Your Destiny

Destiny is a God given plan for your life that unfolds as you pursue Him. I pray these teachings help you on your journey to Discover Your Destiny!

About Michael


Michael Hubbard has been involved in ministry for over 30 years. Worshipper, church planter, speaker, mentor and church consultant are a few of the ministry hats he has worn over the years. 

“My passion is to Encourage people to Encounter God and Equip leaders so they can fully mature and develop their ministries, churches and organizations.”

Michael also travels extensively teaching the church to fully grasp their Identity in Christ and step into their Destiny. 

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